Welcome to BarxDroid.co.uk

We (me and my alter ego) design and produce mobile applications designed for use on Android. This adventure into the Android world started early 2012 and hopefully will span far into the future. I’m not into trying to make myself look like a big company with dozens of employee’s.  I’m not, it’s just me trying to make some useful tools in my spare time. Maybe this will grow into a big venture some time in the future.

So, what are ‘apps’?

Apps are software programs written to run on mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. There are currently thousands of apps available from online stores such as Google Play and Samsung Apps. Some are really useful, others not so. Many are free, many aren’t. Free apps are generally supported with the use of ads that show on screen during use.

What is ?

Android is a mobile device platform produced by Google. The platform is based on Linux and is released Open Source. The apps are written in a customized version Java. Android is primarily designed for use on touch-screen devices, but the use of physical keyboards is supported. Latest version as of time of writing this is Android V4.1 – Jelly Bean.

Why Android?

Android isn’t the only smart device platform available. Apple have created IOS to run on their smart devices like the IPhone and IPad. RIM have produce BlackBerry OS for use on their BlackBerry line of smart devices and Samsung, although a big player in the Android world, have their own smart platform know as BADA. I’m sure there are others too. So, out of all these, why did I choose to develop for Android? Well, it’s open source, it’s relatively easy to learn, it’s relatively cheap to develop for (a key point for a hobbyist developer), it’s popular and there are a good range of devices in circulation with some cracking features. I’ve been a Android device user myself since 2010 and now have a range of devices; Some are used day in day out, others are just for testing purposes.

What’s the plan?

Currently, I’m not in this to make substantial money. It is a hobby and I wish to create some useful tools/apps for both me and you to use. Yes, that’s right, I use my own apps too. Contradictory to what some may say, there isn’t an app for everything…… yet. There are still a few hole’s in the market.