TEF – Talk.ElectriciansForum


Introducing TEF – Talk.ElectricianForum.co.uk

TEF – Talk.ElectricianForum on Google Play

TEF – Is a Web App for view the Talk.ElectricianForum.co.uk forum.

It gives you a portal to the UK Largest and Friendliest Electricians Forum on the net.

Allows easy navigation with shortcut keys for ‘Home’ and ‘New Content’.

No more messing loading your browser and searching your bookmarks. Simply load the App and your right where you want to be.

NOTE: This is a Web App and as such loads the site with this app and uses it’s ‘Mobile Skin’. If, when you load the app your are displayed the Full Site, scroll to the bottom left of the screen and select ‘Use Mobile Version’ This setting should then stick.

I am hoping to start work on a native app soon.


p.s. please email me with any issues / requests.